5 reasons to become a global bookworm

So I try to read as ‘global’ as possible. What does “global reading” mean:

Reading books from countries  all over the world, preferably written by an author from that country

At least that is what global reading means to me. Although there might be many more advantages, here is a quick list of ‘wins’ for those who start reading global.

1. Save money while you get to know other countries

A great book is like a movie in your head, so why can’t it be a journey abroad?

2. Books from other countries take you out of your (reading) comfort zone

Books which are not one of your usual TBR might end up with different endings and perspectives. Or maybe despite the different culture they still end up exactly the same. Isn’t it lovely how similar people are globally? Anyways the odds of finding something new is much higher.

3. It helps you move out of your social media bubble

We end up reading and seeing similar things online which are followed by more of the same. I noticed a lot of bloggers read the same popular books. However, the blogs which inspire me most, are the ones which recommend books I would have otherwise never considered.

4. It helps us understand others

How can we judge others when we don’t understand their lives and cultures? While sociology and science and all might have some answers now and then, reading stories (loads of them) can help build an understanding and empathy for people who lived entirely different lives.

Actually it is proven that reading can increases empathy and your emotional intelligence. Imagine how nice the world could be if we were all global readers.

5. Because it is good to challenge yourself to try something new

What are you afraid of? Traveling through a book is something entirely different than traveling by plane.

If you visit other countries you might get to see some of there culture and make loads of pictures of things you haven’t seen. But do you know the country, the people? Do you talk to them and do they tell you what it is like falling in love in rural China or growing up in Mozambique. Probably not, luckily books can do that.

Are you a global reader yet?

I am curious to hear from you. Do you already try to read more global or will you give it a try? What are your reasons to pick up international books? Let me know and leave a comment.

Looking for inspiration? Check out my reviews on The Global Bookworm.

Writing a blog as a global reader? Use #globalreader as a tag so we can find each other. I am looking forward to find your posts!



  1. This is such a cool post! Honestly, I feel like all the books are I read are quite popular, and if they aren’t, then they’re not too different either. I never even considered “reading globally” but I think it’s also so important to understand different cultures and why not through books?

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  2. Very interesting post. I try to read “global” too. I read mostly books from French, German, American, and British authors though, as they are easily available to me. Fortunately, I have a work colleague who always buys lots of international books and who lends me some of them. So I can discover a few new authors.

    Liked by 1 person

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